Basque Culinary Center: A Cutting Edge Gastronomy Institution

Basque Culinary Center: A Cutting Edge Gastronomy Institution

Another schedule of Chef Mandif’s culinary journey in Spain included Basque Culinary Center to visit. As an alumni of a renowned culinary institution in Indonesia, the visitation seemed like a must as if a nostalgia. The institution certainly amazed him in awe at the first sight. How come not? The exterior and interior design, first of all, evidently delivers what to expect. A modern, sophisticated facilities are provided to support the future generations in the industry.

Located in Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Culinary Center (BCC) offers a Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences attached to Mondragon University and a Centre for Research and Innovation in Food and Gastronomy. This place obviously matches the interest of Chef Mandif because of his sense to further his gastronomy knowledge. Plus is the living faculty claims to win several awards for numbers of achievements nationally and globally.

Spanning 15,000 square metres, BCC provokes green environment for what has been built inside-out. Surrounded by lush landscape and perched on a hillside area the institution spoils its student to have a supportive ambience in creating innovative ideas. To complete scholars’ experience, the board of directors who are the most influential chefs in the world participate in BCC to work together in International council, advising on strategic tasks. The purpose of this is to objectify research and development of culinary concepts, techniques and all related subjects. In fact, Basque Culinary Center has its own innovation department to further the comprehension of gastronomical topics across the globe. Therefore, the institution delivers the study in accessible language as both lecturers and students have different backgrounds. Scientific methodology, however, is still applied to conduct legit results.

Interesting is that the result will be publicly published through an array of media including blog and journal sites. Mostly the activity of the research revolves around how technology development influences the process of creating food and beverages products. This regards advanced innovation chefs (professionals or beginners) can think of as well as their productivity and competitiveness in terms of improving the style of gastronomic cooking.

Not limited to such topic, research about eating habits and behaviour as well as healthy eating lifestyle are also up to discuss. Healthy lifestyle is never detached from healthy eating and now it becomes a trending topic worldwide. Promoting health through food has become an endless homework for all F&B figures. By publishing journals about this, BCC proposes to go beyond a healthy diet and offers to give the act of cooking and eating such as how to prepare food, to practice mindful eating, to know how food choices are made or to gain insight about nutritions and sensory systems.

On the other hand, the importance of establishing new businesses in the industry of gastronomy, restaurants and the agro-food sector at a national and international level has been a significant talking point in this culinary center. Particularly since gastronomic tourism is a recent limelight globally. Resultly, the demand to hone entrepreneurial skills in this industry seems necessary. To complete every potential Michelin-starred chefs’ journeys with the comprehension of technology, thorough research and development of culinary trends, and the opportunity to begin business projects, Basque Culinary Center is not a mistakenly cutting edge gastronomy institution.

To Chef Mandif the presence of Basque Culinary Center will help a lot of those figures in the industry. His concern about healthy eating to include an alternative way people can enjoy their food has arrived at Blanco par Mandif, his Indonesian fine dining restaurant focusing on gastronomy. The option of pescatarian menu is offered side to side with the regulation he makes to not use an chemical or industrial substances. His visit to the institution, thus, complements his idealism in building a business with ethical core values. In other words, it makes him feel encouraged to continue his venture beyond.

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