San Sebastian Gastronomika: An Avant-Garde Gastronomy Event in Spain

San Sebastian Gastronomika: An Avant-Garde Gastronomy Event in Spain

One of the perks from the Eurotrip Chef Mandif Warokka last took was to attend an avant-garde gastronomy event in Spain, San Sebastian Gastronomika 2018. In the country, the event has been known for celebrating the success of Spanish cuisines traveling across the world. Top-notch Spanish chefs play significant role in this three-day event not only to promote their excellent recipes but also to help the culinary in the country including the culture and the history be soared farther.

Interestingly, this year is the 20th anniversary of San Sebastian Gastronomika or they simply call Gastronomika. For about 2 decades, they believe that Spanish cuisine has transformed and revolved particularly related to gastronomy. People behind the Spanish kitchen have been turning upside down to deliver the freedom in creating intriguing Spanish cooking recipes. Therefore, Gastronomika is considered as an event to concurrently pay tribute to those kitchen marvels who started the venture as well as the ones who are still in the mission of furthering the venture.

The line-up featuring avant-garde chefs to leap to the stage, demonstrating their skills or even merely sharing their knowledge about the industry were presented in inviting format. Other agenda to take a look was surely tasting sessions including “Street Food” session, Private Cooking sessions and Wine session. Literally trying out street food, “Street Food” session was the special edition of the event to appreciate the most popular Spanish street food. Street food somehow is involved in the making of contemporary gastronomic food revolution and also created culinary tradition of the country itself. Differently, guests would not savor a bite from a general food stall instead from the hands of Michelin-starred chefs.

Moving on the private cooking sessions, the great chefs in the congress programme spared time for the monographic cookery workshops for only 40 people. There, guests had opportunity to expect latest techniques and concepts of Spanish cooking system. Additionally, the exclusive wine sessions were far from disappointment as well. Professional “gurus’ of wine stewardship and oenology in fact led the program and allowed participants to sip special selection of wine products, discussed them and stimulated new opinions and thoughts about wine.

Not limited to national chefs, Gastronomika also provided the space for international cooks both the pro and new generations who shone their way to Spain for presenting their knowledge about certain food and beverage topics. One of the discussions included environment sustainability where Gastronomika determined a subject of how the future linked to the past and to the present where chefs from all over the world voiced out their thoughts to the national and international audiences.

The event, furthermore, seems to be an exceptional occurrence for years due to its initiative of rewarding significant profiles in the industry. The congress said it was presented as a show beyond imagination, a review of the legend and a journey into the future where the revolution never ends. Resultly, in their 20th anniversary, the most influential chefs across the globe that had their time to make a change were awarded. Anthony Bourdain, an American celebrity chef who passed away this year, was one of them. He was considered to be a great admirer of the Basque chef and simultaneously contributed in Spanish culinary revolution.

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