Sharing is Caring: A Charity Dinner Featuring Blanco par Mandif’s Team

Sharing is Caring: A Charity Dinner Featuring Blanco par Mandif’s Team

In regards to support the victims of the Lombok earthquakes, an initiative to raise the awareness encouraging people to contribute, Exquisite Media invited three renowned chefs to gather in a charity dinner. “Sharing is Caring” was entitled to deliver this positive message in asking for people’s contribution. Mandif Warokka (Blanco par Mandif), Chris Salans (Mozaic) and Ben Ungermann (MasterChef Australia 2017 Runner Up) joined the venture serving their best recipes at Padi Fine Dining that evening. The intimate event that was supported by Equil natural mineral water, Riedel glassware, Beringer wines and Red and White, served thirty guests to savor the pescatarian dinner which is the primadonna of the restaurant itself.

Prior to the main event, devouring scrumptious meals, guests were allowed to sip a few of refreshing cocktails and canapes. Grilled Baby Corn, Tuna Tartare, Sweet Corn Espurna and Pillow Cracker prepared their belly to be ready for something massive later. The switching taste from savory to sweet and a dash of sour compelled guests to further their knowledge of what was put. The Grilled Baby Corn for instance consisted of corn jus, popcorn and smoked butter while the Tuna Tartare was of charcoal churros and aioli. Then the sweet taste came from the Sweet Corn Espurna blended with milk foam, boosting the intense flavors. At the end of canapes session, the palate cleanser, Pillow Cracker (beet gel and parsley powder) seemed to get guests ready for the main show. In particular when the special team of Blanco par Mandif appeared to participate in the scene, helping Mandif Warokka to perform his selected gourmets.

Following were the limelight of the event. Chris Salan’s authentic taste combining traditional Balinese ingredients, basa gede oil into his Tasmanian Salmon Confit could not be argued. Plated with kafir lime dressing, fennel and caviar complemented the whole package of different culinary world. Even more, Beringer Main & Vine Pinot Grigio injected more pleasure to guests’ taste buds. As well as Mandif Warokka with his Butter Poached “Bay Rock Lobster” hurrayed the calming ambience of Ubud. On every bite, guests were spoiled by the Horenzo, cauliflower, potato, sea urchin emulsion. Not stopping there, another degustation menu came right up. Then to the little down the road, Squid Ink Lasagne was an impressive closing.

However, the show had not yet ended. The Runner Up of Australian MasterChef 2017, Ben Ungermann who visited the island for a while touched everyone’s heart by his Taste the Bali Forest, rocking guest’s palate with black wild rice shortbread, caramelised banana mousse and klepon stone with vanilla bean ice cream perched atop. And it was not cherry to garnish the dessert but Beringer Sparkling White Zinfandel on the side, redoubling the relish.

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