The Culinary Journey of Mandif Warokka in Europe

The Culinary Journey of Mandif Warokka in Europe

Traveling to other cities or countries have given Mandif Warokka so many benefits. To study diverse culinary scenes, to stimulate his mind of new potential recipes and F&B businesses and to deliver intriguing stories to others, to his customers especially, are the main points of him planning the adventure. It is an important activity for this proprietor of Blanco par Mandif as if an examination to complete his grade.

Recently, Mandif Warokka was granted the opportunity to figure out what has been happening around Europe related to the culinary scenes. And as the brand ambassador for Indonesia, he was flown San Sebastian, Spain, to delve into LACOR’s products and company culture. LACOR is a kitchenware brand offering a range of high quality products for completing the journey of gastronomes and connoisseurs in the industry. Based in Spain, LACOR is a brand that longs for innovation. For 3  weeks, Mandif observed the sophisticated products, factory, and even joined talk shows to further the understanding of LACOR’s universe.

Besides retails and projects organized by LACOR, Mandif was invited to visit Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian. This academic institution is designated to promote gastronomy and to support talented chefs not only in the country but worldwide to hone their cooking skills and knowledge about food. More story about Basque Culinary Center will be published on another page.

The other significant agenda to attend was San Sebastian Gastronomika. It is an event to celebrate the world of gastronomy specifically to appreciate Spanish cuisine revolution. The event was held on 8-10 October, presenting 18 avant-garde chefs that have been contributing to reach the success of Spanish gastronomy industry. For 20 years, Gastronomika (how to call the event itself) perpetually extends the content of the event in order to summon new generations of chefs and to reach out the community to advance their comprehension about Gastronomika. More information about the event will be detailed on another page.

The objective of this trip for Mandif Warokka was also to connect him with more insights and inspirations in producing creative ideas in food and beverage industry. He extended the stay for his personal research, to include France, Belgium and The Netherlands in the itineraries. Mostly, (of course) it was all about tasting a myriad of eateries. Each of every city has special recipes with different presentation and culture. That’s what Mandif always loves about culinary trips. He feels to be able learning more from tasting a bite of these and those. Flavours, cooking techniques and the local wisdoms of trying out one dish are the key points to be enjoyed.

However, of all cities he visited, San Sebastian became the most memorable one as Michelin-starred restaurants nestled along the way. Mugaritz and Arzak, for example, were a dream come true for taking a step in. Not to mention his review on Tapas Bar and Pintxos that enveloped him in such inspiring concepts speaking of menus, presentations and the interiors. This trip surely allows him to excel his proficiency as an Indonesian chef focusing on gastronomy.

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